Newspaper Institute

"I learned more here in four days than I learn in a
whole year (if not a lifetime) at my job about

programs and design techniques."


Susan S., Brookings, South Dakota




"I sincerely cannot think of anything that would improve the Institute. My only regret is that I didn't bring my entire staff!"


Matt Yeager, West Virginina Publisher




"Wonderfully enlightening!"


David S., San Diego, California


"It was more than I ever expected. I didn't think it could be better than last time, but it was."


2009 Institute Attendee




"My printer is so happy. I have returned with all the ammunition you gave me - life has been so much easier."


Pam O., Production Manager, New Hampshire




"Complete and comprehensive. Very informative. I would say that every newspaper should send someone."


Scott C., Union City, Tennessee